Together, We Can Make a Difference!

It’s time The Quiet Corner sent a next generation leader to Hartford.

A new generation of leadership

Aaron-James Puzzo Kerouac

AJ is a community focused Millennial, born and raised in our unique rural community. With years of  public service, volunteering, and policy building, under his belt, AJ has the experience others plan to get on the job.

Campaign issues, GOP candidate, AJ Kerouac puts first in his race for the House of Representatives.

A Vision for Quiet Corner, CT

Our government has forgotten its primary responsibilities to the people of Connecticut. They’re meant to serve ALL people and need public servants in Hartford who see the big picture. If we’re going to right this ship, it’s going to take a Representative focused on rebuilding our community instead of just building up his resume.

Let’s Get Together

Connect with AJ at campaign events and local happenings around the 50th District between now and ElectionDay, NOVEMBER 6TH.

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We need your help to get AJ elected in November!

There are so many ways to help the campaig and get CT back on track. Contact us to find out  about volunteering, internship opportunities, fundraising events, and ways you can help get the message to your community.

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